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NLG s.r.l. is treating all personal information supplied by customers according to Italian legislation as per d.l.n.196 of 30 June 2003 regarding “Protection of personal data” in accordance with directions given by EU on the specific matter and according to company policy of privacy protection.

In respect of  art. 13 of d.l. 196/2003, NLG must supply information about usage of personal data acquired.
Responsible holder of personal data is: NLG s.r.l. at legal address: Via Melisurgo n. 4 - 80133 Napoli.

NLG is informing all customers that trough  the booking and reception operation , is acquiring their personal data finalized to normal customer relation related to company service/activity and customers support in respect of existing national and European legislation and regulations.

Customers can always decide to give or not consent in treating of their personal data for commercial purposes, market research and services offers. NLG is reserving anyway  the right to send information and promotional offers via email.

Only for the purposes which have been indicated above, all acquired data (mostly  by automatized  process)will be treated in respect of safety and privacy. The processing of personal  data for company obligations requires  giving access to them  to devoted technical and commercial personnel staff.

All personal data of customers will be used functionally in creating and maintaining the customer relation therefore eventual refuse to supply  or in treating them will prevent NLG to complete and perform all contractual obligations with customers.

In respect of art.7 of d.l.196/2003 customers  can request any time confirmation of existence of their personal data, check their content and origin and eventually they can verify if such information is correct or if it needs to be updated or integrated. Customers can as well request cancellation, change into anonymous mode or ask to block those data which were used not in violation of law; eventually customers can oppose for any legitimate reason  to data treatment.

All data regarding payment of purchased tickets cannot be acquired or processed in any way by NLG s.r.l. as those transactions are completely controlled by the Bank into its server in safe and protected environment.











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